About Us

Urban life and modern living are filled with daily exposure to toxins, poor eating and drinking choices, stress, negative emotions, conflict and many, many others. Lupito's Juice Bar is a Chicago company created by Jose and Emmanuel inspired by their grandparents who passed down the importance of good eating habits, exercise, and spiritual peace.

Our passion: to provide sustainable, healthy and highly fresh juices and food to empower your healthy lifestyle.

The Lupito's Juice Bar maintains the powerful core belief that we should enrich our community with safe, sustainable and high-quality juices and food.

We are proud of the service and the artisan juice we provide. We are a small family-owned and operated business, and we have every plan to stay that way to continue the artisan quality in everything we do.

We honor your path and wish you happiness on your journey.

Lupito's Juice Bar


Lupito's Juice Bar

Jose and Emmanuel

In his shop tucked underneath the Damen stop in Pilsen, Jose and Emmanuel have turned a family business into a fresh fruit juice revolution. Lupito's Juice Bar helps transit-riders refresh themselves with healthy beverages, smoothies, and fair-trade coffee imported from Mexico. In keeping with the bar's physical location, even the drinks are CTA-themed. The Pink Line blends strawberry, orange, and banana, while the Orange takes off like a plane flying from Midway to a land of citrus and carrot. For a long-lasting juice blasting, Lupito's also prepares detox juice bundles in one-, three-, five-, or seven-day varieties that customers can take home.